Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

MEDMETALEX handle personal information based on the Privacy Policy as described hereinafter.

1. Personal Information Collection

MEDMETALEX may ask you to provide personal information such as name, company's name, address and other contact information (email, telephone number, fax number) for receiving messages and inquiries.

2. Secure Management of Personal Information

MEDMETALEX carries out necessary and appropriate education for its employees to prevent leakage of, loss of, or falsify personal information.

3. Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information

MEDMETALEX intends to use personal information it acquires for the purposes such as notifications, responses to various inquires and requests from customer services.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

MEDMETALEX will not disclose the personal information provided by customers to third parties with the exception of the following cases:
The relevant customer has consented to the disclosure.
The information is disclosed to contractors or other parties to the extent necessary in order to achieve the intended purposes.
Disclosure is required pursuant to law, ordinance or regulation.
Disclosure is required by a court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, police, the Law Association and other state organ or local government which has an equivalent authorities.

5. Reference of Personal Information

MEDMETALEX may make a reference, revise and delete personal information when the relevant customer request only after identity verification procedure.

6. Outsourcing of Personal Information Handling

MEDMETALEX may outsource personal information handling (partly or completely) to the delegated party.

7. Updates to Privacy Policy

MEDMETALEX observes Japanese law and other regulations regarding personal information and may check and amend this privacy policy appropriately.


Inquiries regarding MEDMETALEX Privacy Policy

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