Design and Development

  • Striving for Functionality and Design

    We focus on functionality and design of our products.
    With the latest digital measuring system, we can modify the design and make a modeling and a prototype according to your requirements.

  • Stable Supply and Repairing by Domestic Group Companies

    Two domestic group companies are possessing 14 units of machining center and automatic workpiece changing palette machine (3 days, 72-hr unmanned operation). That enables mass production, refinement, modification and repairment even in urgent cases.

World-Class Mass Productivity

Among five overseas group companies, one principal example of medical device company has 15 units of 5 axis machining center etc. (3 shifts, 24-hr operation, as of February, 2020) that enable the shortest supply time for our customer in Japan. Capital investment is further planned to establish the highest production capacity in the world.

Challenge to "low-cost and high-quality"

Keeping the quality first, cost reduction is achieved by upsizing the plant facilities with aggressive capital investments in machining tools that can deal with even world market demands. Further, the world class operation rate and productivity in 24-hr operation under the fully utilized production management system help to decrease depreciation expenses and indirect costs. Close relationship with group companies makes possible to share the operation management system and refined engineering technology resulting in higher quality products, shortened delivery time, and cost reduction.

Mirror Finish by Special Blasting

The special techniques of the polishing, which is completely different from the conventional ones, enables mirror finish of complex shape.