Our Advantages

  • Experience, Planning and Designing Ability

    We have design engineers with long experience in orthopedic implants, pharmaceutical packaging, non-woven fabric, and quality assurance of medical devices. We supply originally designed products that are warranted by specially designed testing machines, as well as OEM based products.

  • Close Cooperation with Overseas Group Companies

    With employees skilled in international business and technical languages enable shortest export/import trading time in use of web meetings as well as on-site instructions. Such close cooperation with group companies improves excellent design ability, low cost structure, short delivery, production capacity and high-quality products.

  • Web Video Conferencing System

    Staffs who are in charge of China or English-speaking world manage the local staff directly or communicate via video conferencing system to enhance the industrial technology and quality assurance of our products. By limiting the number of international group companies enables us to visit local factories more for the meetings and inspections. Transparent and detailed consultation on technical capabilities, quality control and manpower management are possible. We are also capable of On-site inspections at the customer's site and web conferences with the customer via web communication. Simultaneous interpretation by our staff allows for direct discussion and instructions to the local technical and inspection team.

  • For the Future

    We are introducing our original educational curriculum to our young employees for inheriting the knowledges of sales, designing abilities and quality assurance from our experienced staff to become a continuous developing company which contributes to all the patients and medical professionals.

Our head office is newly equipped with product inspection space to strength product incoming inspections.
We are prepared to mass order and business expansion.